Building a Digital Reputation


As you may know my ultimate goal is become a Student Affairs professional in Higher Education, and one day be the role model for other who has the same passion as myself to also pursue this path. Being that social media has played a significant role in our daily lives, I think that building a professional digital reputation for future employers, and myself is super important for viewers who may need assistance building their reputation. Moreover, I have decided to reference 4 exclusive different media outlet sources that can help structure the building of a professional digital reputation.

This lecture does a great job explaining to students about the importance of protecting your online business image, and how caution you have to be because it will/can hurt your reputation in the long run for future revenue growth if consumers were not satisfied with your service.  As mentioned in the lecture every business, company, corporation, medical practice, law firm, have a online reputation, to keep positive affirmations ongoing about yourself, or the business you are part of doing online reputation management helps protects your professional business running-this included blogs, writing positive things back to other on other social media websites, and etc.

This blog demonstrates practicing multiple ways to be professional as a professional in Higher Education. He using these key principles – being honest, being kind when relating to others, and aim to provide vales to others. Keeping these thoughts in minds helps create an inclusive environment for people who wants to also engage and start a connection going. What I can take away form this blog is that the field of student affairs is very small and were easily connected through social media, this is how the reputation grows significantly for others and create great benefits in the long run.

This article provided me some great insight on the connection of social media and engaging students around digital identity. One media source that’s helpful for both employers and recent graduates is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is among the most popular tool for building a digital reputation and networking with other professionals in the chosen career path. I think that LinkedIn has gradually rising to a higher standard that notify employers whether or not you’re an assets to their organization. I think that utilizing this resource, but avoiding the common mistakes – a weak about me section, lack of connections, and incomplete profiles, would be a great way to structure a digital identity professionally.

With me graduating and preparing for grad school, I totally related to this article and what I needed to do to prepare for this next venture in life for student affairs. It points out 4 different things every new digital SA grad should do, one which was follow the NASPA and ACPA social media accounts, and which I already do keeps you up to date on the other professionals in the field and also building a community at the same time. I love how this article prepares young professionals the importance of building a digital identity to be perceived in a positive image.


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